Ayakashi Triangle Kentaro Yabuki I’m back in Jump with a series for the first time in 11 years! My goal is to create something that will cheer readers up! The Promised Neverland Posuka Demizu Thank you for an amazing four years! I experienced so many dreams. I’m sleeping all day tomorrow. The […]

The Promised Neverland Posuka Demizu Thank you for waiting an extra month for the graphic novel! It’s almost done! July is so close! Chainsaw Man Tatsuki Fujimoto The new Delicious in Dungeon volume was great. And I’m looking forward to volume 2 of Bokyo Taro. ACT-AGE Shiro Usazaki More people are working from […]

Weekly Comments from Authors in the Weekly Shonen Jump Issue 24. Time Paradox Ghostwriter Kenji Ichima – Nice to meet you! I’ll work hard so that you all have something to look forward to every week! Tsunehiro Date – The person most looking forward to this manga…is me. Let’s enjoy […]

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