Japanese Seiyuu (Voice Actor) Natsuki Hanae, who is best known for playing  Kamado Tanjiro in Kimetsu no Yaiba, announced the birth of his twin daughters on Twitter on Sunday. The full translation of his tweet reads: “My twin daughters were born the other day. Both mother and children are healthy. […]

Hakusensha announced on Friday, Sept 18 that mangaka Shō Akechi passed away on August 4. The publisher did not give a cause of death. Akechi is known for drawing shōjo manga that featured sci-fi, occult, or everyday stories. Akechi’s manga was featured in Hakusensha‘s Hana to Yume and Bessatsu Hana to Yume magazines. Akechi wrote the Shimatsunin series, starting with […]

Voice actress Ari Ozawa and chiptune musician Hige Driver announced their marriage on Aug 10. Hige Driver released his statement through Twitter and Ozawa posted on her Ameba blog. She shared the announcement on the same day as her 28th birthday. Ozawa’s joint Twitter account with voice actress Maria Naganawa tweeted a congratulations message […]

Japanese Seiyuu (voice actress) Anzai Chika announced her marriage to a man outside of the entertainment industry on her Instagram on Aug 2. Anzai states that she and her husband plan to devote themselves to each other and to all their supporters. She also thanks her fans for their continued support […]

Singer Masayoshi Ooishi announced his marriage to a woman outside the entertainment industry via Twitter on July 30. Ooishi disclosed that while this is a private matter, he wanted to announce the marriage and asked for the continued support from his fans. He also expressed that he wishes to continue to work […]

On July 8th, Seiyuu (Voice Actors) Ono Kensho and Hanazawa Kana announced their marriage on their respective Twitter accounts. いつも応援してくださる皆様へ。 pic.twitter.com/ycvcPJMq3V — 小野賢章 (@ono_kensho) July 8, 2020 Ono says “Hanazawa has an earnest attitude toward work, is always cheerful, and makes me happy when we’re together. She possesses a lot of […]

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