‘Kamen Rider Ex-Aid’ Actor Iijima Hiroki Tests Positive for COVID-19

The Oscar Promotion talent agency announced on Aug 4 that Kamen Rider Ex-Aid actor Iijima Hiroki tested positive for the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) after PCR testing on Monday, Aug 3. Iijima had measured his body temperature on Sunday morning due to malaise, and he reported fever with a temperature of 37.5 °C (99.5 °F). When his temperature did not drop, he went to the hospital.

The agency’s website revealed that his symptoms were mild and that his body temperature was stable. The agency will continue to follow the health care center’s instructions. The health care center informed the agency that Iijima had not come into close contact with others during this time.

‘Kamen Rider Ex-Aid’ Actor Iijima Hiroki Tests Positive for COVID-19

Iijima played Emu Hōjō/Kamen Rider Ex-Aid in the Kamen Rider Ex-Aid live-action series, an installment in Toei‘s live-action special effects franchise Kamen Rider. Hōjō is a medical student at Seito University Hospital who fights the “Bugster” game viruses.

Source: Oscar Promotion via Hachima Kikо̄

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