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Aimer and Yuki Kajiura song,「春はゆく」(Spring is going) to premiere on YouTube on May 31st.

Singer Aimer and Music producer Yuki Kajiura will be holding a session for the song 「春はゆく」(Haru wa Yuku) “Spring is going”, which will be premiered on YouTube from 10:00 pm on May 31.
“Spring is going” is the theme song of the final chapter of the movie “Fate / stay night [Heaven’s Feel]”.
Produced by Kaijura-san, it is recorded as Aimer’s 18th single.

Aimer wrote to her Twitter,

“Last day of May.
We will deliver “Spring is going” with Mr. Yuki Kajiura at 22:00 tonight, before “Spring is completely going” in 2020!
I would be happy if I could spend the moment with the coming of spring. It’s here at 22:00.
I’d be happy if you could come exactly at 22:00 so that you wouldn’t miss the moment.
Thank you!
– Aimer “

Regarding this session, she also commented that,

“I was very nervous because it was my first time recording a song in this way, but I could sing a fragment of “Spring is going” with Mr. Kajiura’s performance before the spring of this year is completely gone.
I am very happy to announce it tonight. I wish you every day more light.
May I also protect you with music. I’d be happy if you could come and listen to Spring Comes. ”

The song will be premiered on YouTube.


Source: Official Twitter

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