“Kingdom” Live-Action Movie Confirms Sequel

The live-action movie of Yasuhisa Hara’s (原泰久) hit manga “Kingdom” (キングダム) confirms a sequel following its huge success in Japan.
Hara reveals an illustration to celebrate the announcement.

The first movie “Kingdom" was released in April 2019, and earned over 690,219,500 Yen (about US$6.17 million) in its first three days. The film eventually earned a cumulative total of 5.73 billion Yen (about US$53.2 million).

In the 43rd Japan Academy Awards, Ei Masa and Ryo Yoshizawa won the Best Supporting Actor Award, and Yasuhata Kazu & Masazawa Nagasawa won the Best Supporting Actress Award, as well as the Best Shooting Award and Best Art Award.

Illustration drawn by Yasuhisa Hara. (c) Yasuhisa Hara / Shueisha
Illustration drawn by Yasuhisa Hara. (c) Yasuhisa Hara / Shueisha

Shinsuke Satō (佐藤信介), who is known to direct a number of live-actions such as Gantz, Death Note Light up the NEW world, and Bleach, will return as the director. Manga creator Hara will again write the scripts. He also reveals plans to include the film’s original scenes like the previous live-action.

Kento Yamazaki (山﨑賢人), Ryō Yoshizawa (吉沢亮), and Kanna Hashimoto (橋本環奈) are all returning from the previous film as their characters Shin, Ei Sei and Ka Ryō Ten.

The first visual of the movie
The first visual of the movie “Kingdom". (c) Yasuhisa Hara / Shueisha (c) 2019 Film “ Kingdom "

Comment from Yasuhisa Hara

The production of the sequel to the live-action movie “Kingdom" has been decided!
Thanks to the fact that more people than I imagined could see the previous work, it led to the sequel.
Thank you so much !! I am
involved in the long-running script conference this time as well.
“Let’s meet on the battlefield" that the knight told Shin, it seems that he will draw a picture of the world.
I think that you can enjoy the battlefields and dramas that remain in the history of Japanese movies on a scale that is larger than the previous work.
The release is still ahead, but I hope you all look forward to it.

Comment from Kento Yamazaki

“Kingdom" was a work that I felt when I was filming the previous work, just as I was feeling in “Shin", saying, “The story is about to begin, it’s still coming."
The director and the cast were saying “I hope I can shoot a sequel," so I’m really happy that the sequel was decided.
As with the previous work, Mr. Hara has been involved in the script this time as well, so it has become a very exciting and uninterrupted script as a Kingdom fan and an actor involved in the movie.
In this work, the story that “Shin" finally comes to the battlefield is developed.
The cast staff will do their best to show everyone who has grown up from the previous work and to make it more interesting than the previous work, so please look forward to the completion !!

Comment from Ryo Yoshizawa

Playing “Masa" in the movie “Kingdom" was a turning point in my life as an actor.
It was a work that made me think that I would like to grow with “Masa" in the future, and all the cast staff talked about wanting to do a sequel while shooting the previous work, so the sequel When the production was decided and I got the script, I was happy that it really came true.
Mr. Hara is also involved in the script this time, and the story is truly interesting, hot, and impressive without breaking the worldview of the original.
We, who are acting as to what kind of image this work will be delivered, are really looking forward to it.
The cast staff wants to make the best work that everyone can expect, so please look forward to it!

Source: Natalie Comic

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