Animax Asia is set to Air the six-part “K: Seven Stories” Anime Films

Animax Asia recently announced that it will air the six-partK: Seven Stories” theatrical anime project. The first film will premiere on June 22 at 10:00 p.m. GMT +8, and then two new films will be aired every Monday and Tuesday.

The six-film project debuted between July and December in Japan in 2018.

♦ Trailer

♦ Staff

  • Original Story: GoRA and GoHands
  • Director: Suzuki Shingo
  • Character Design: Suzuki Shingo
  • Series Composition: GoRA
  • Music Composer: Enda Mikio
  • Opening/Ending Theme songs: angela (Music group)

Music group angela has performed all six ending theme songs — one for each of the six parts. The group also performed the opening theme song “SURVIVE!” for all six parts. Each of the ending theme songs is named after each part’s subtitle.

K: Memory of Red is a title of manga in the franchise, and K SIDE: BLUEK:SIDE: GREEN, and K: R: B are titles of novels in the franchiseK―Lost Small World― is both a novel and a manga. Idol K is a parody book that reimagines if the characters in the franchise were all idols. The sixth film tells a new story.

Source: ANN, Animax Asia‘s YouTube channel

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