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Hello there! I am the Admin of this First of all, I would like to apologise for not posting news consistently for the past one month.

As you probably know, this website is not run by some kind of professional group or something. I am just a single person sharing news about the Japanese Popular Culture because I like doing it.
But there’s only so much what a single person can do. I have my own personal and professional commitments which I must meet and because of that I wasn’t able to keep up with this little hobby or passion of mine.

COVID-19 has also hit me hard and in order to sustain my financial situation, I have to focus of my professional career. And it’s not like this application earns me anything. As you probably know, most of the time, the Ads don’t even show on this website because of the copyright issues.

I could start a membership on this website but I think most people would not like that and I don’t want to force anyone because at the end of the day, I want the information to be free for everyone. The other thing I could do is ask for donations via Kofi, Patreon or PayPal. But even then the probability of people actually donating is very low.
So, at the end of the day, I have take care of myself on my own via professional work.

Please let me know, if you will be willing to donate via Kofi or Patreon so I can set up the accounts for that.

I wish I could give this hobby of mine more time but I’ll try my best.

Thank you for your support!

Admin ~ Otaku Shinbun

Isshin 一心

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