Detective Conan: Wild Police Story Arc gets a new Chapter, PV Revealed!

Gosho Aoyama’s popular manga “Detective Conan" spin-off “Detective Conan Police Academy Arc, Wild Police Story" new chapter is serialized in the “Weekly Shonen Sunday" magazine (Shogakukan) in 27/28 merged Issue released on June 3.

In the new chapter following “Matsuda” and “Date”, the episode is centered on Kenji Hagiwara, who was a close friend of Matsuda and was an explosives disposal team who was a former member of the police department of the Metropolitan Police Department’s security department. Hagiwara’s real face, which was not published in the main part of “Detective Conan", will be revealed in three consecutive issues.
A PV has also been released at the beginning of the new chapter. Shinichiro Miki, the voice actor of Hagiwara in TV animation, played Hagiwara in his police school days.

From “Detective Conan Wild Police Story” by Police School.
From “Detective Conan Wild Police Story” by Police School.

In addition, from this issue, as a service for all applicants, the “Police School Edition" of the mini-figure series “Detective Conan Chimesetai" has appeared. The characters of the police school group are one set of five people. Check the magazine for details on how to apply.

In addition, Shogakukan’s manga app Sunday Webburi will present a “Hagiwara icon" that can be used in the comment section of the app for Weekly Shonen Sunday 27/28 merger issue and subscribers. Fans should also check this out.

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