Black Clover reveals a Tragic Past of the Elves’

The current arc in Black Clover is one of the biggest arc of the series. For the past 40 chapters, continuous fights are going on between the elves’ who has possessed humans and the Magic Knights.

In the pevious Chapter 188 we saw Asta fighting Gauche. Gauche and his sister Marie were also possessed by Elves.

Chapter 189 is titled ‘A Trustworthy Human’. Asta finally manages to hit Gauche with his Demon Dweller Sword.

The Elf (inside of Gauche) has a flashback in which Humans(Royals) are stealing Elves’ Magic.
In the flashback we can see some Royals saying that The Princess is a lost cause who is carrying a Elf child. And that her mistakes must be met with punishment. The Princess was none other than Licht’s wife.

Let me explain this:
We already know that Licht’s wife Tetia was a human nobleman.
She was also the Princess of Clover Kingdom.
Tetia and Licht conceived a child to help bring elves and humans together.

Months later, Tetia and Licht married, but after the ceremony, the elves were attacked and a barrier prevented them from defending themselves with magic. Tetia and all the elves were killed. Afterwards, Licht held his wife’s body as he cast a forbidden Reincarnation Magic spell.

The Elf inside of Gauche hates human but he apologizes to Asta and the others as he realizes that they are not same as those disgusting Royals who killed the Elf Tribe.
The Elf tells Asta that the price for using such powers must be paid in the end.
Asta removes the forbidden spell and then Gauche and Marie wakes up.
Black Bulls’ Base has been completely destroyed.
Gauche then thanks everyone for saving him.
The interesting thing is that Nero was sitting on Gauche’s head instead of Asta’s.

At the end Charmy and the rest of the Black Bulls arrives. Noelle and Zora also joins in.
The only missing member is Finral who is resting due to his injuries.

The rest of the Black Bull Members charges forth the battle.

Black Clover (Japanese: ブラッククローバー) is a Japanese fantasy shōnen manga series written and illustrated by Yūki Tabata. The series is has been published in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine in Japan since February 16, 2015, and Viz Media is publishing it in their Weekly Shonen Jump digital anthology magazine in the United States. The story centers around a young boy named Asta, seemingly born without any magic power, something that is unknown in the world he lives in. With his ambition, newfound abilities, and friends, he aims to be the Wizard King.

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