Japanese Artist illustrates the differences between Japanese fashion Ten years ago and now!

The fashion in Japan has changed quite a lot in the last ten years, especially that of females.

It can be hard to keep up with what’s in style in the fashion world, especially in Japan where trends are constantly evolving at a rapid pace.

Japanese Twitter user and artist Satoimoya (@petit_flare) recently made an illustration showing how much today’s fashion has changed from ten years ago.


The side-by-side sketch of two women reveals that fashion right now, which Satoimoya dubs “Hikizan Fashion” (“Minus Fashion“) is centered around low contrast and low colour saturation. |
Ten years ago, trends were totally the opposite, with a focus on high contrast and high levels of saturated colour, which Satoimoya describes as “Tashizan Fashion” (“Plus Fashion“).


From head to toe, the 2010 fashion displays:

  • A flat straw hat
  • Full bangs (which grew from the sharp, clean-cut style required in high school)
  • Loose, curly hair
  • Uniformly light-coloured hair
  • Pierced earrings, without question
  • Décolletage must be shown
  • Denim shirt and a small floral print one-piece dress (shirt tied at the front)
  • Scrunchie on the wrist
  • A thick belt to highlight the waist
  • A basket bag
  • A mini skirt with two to three layers of frills
  • Gladiator sandals that go up to the ankles

And the 2020 fashion displays, from head to toe:

  • A cap
  • “See-through” bangs
  • Casual hairstyle
  • Non-pierced earrings are fine
  • Only one section of the hair is lightened
  • Clothes with dropped shoulders that close up the neck
  • Waist pouch worn at the front
  • Generally long-length styles
  • Similar colours are coordinated together
  • Underneath the long one-piece dress is an additional long skirt
  • Black sports sandals

Satoimoya’s tweet garnered a lot of likes and retweets with many people praising the artist for being so spot on with the observations. Some even shared photos of themselves ten years ago dressed like the woman of 2010 while others commented on how girly the style of a decade ago looked compared to the more neutral tones favoured by today’s women.

It’s not just women’s fashion that’s ever-changing in Japan but schoolgirl fashion too. In 2017, Satoimoya documented the uniforms of students in Aichi Prefecture and illustrated the differences between Japanese schoolgirls in 2007 and 2017.

Who knows how fashion in Japan will change in the next 10 years but whatever it is, Satoimoya will be sure to sketch it out for us.

Source, images: Twitter/@petit_flare, SoraNews

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