Toei Animation Announces Winners for its “100-Year Anime Project” Contest

On 5th June, Toei Animation announced the winners for its “100-Year Anime Project” contest for original anime.

The project’s name originates from its goal: to create an anime that will “continue for the next 100 years.” The project allowed participants to submit proposals for an anime project in one of four different “courses.”

♦ A Course

For those who have no experience working on anime or manga.

♦ B Course

For those who have experience working in the industry, and can submit detailed proposals that can enter into production quickly.

♦ C Course

The “C Course” sought proposals for a remake of the Ikkyū-san television anime.
No Winners are chosen for this course.

♦ D Course

For experienced animators, background artists, and prop designers who will support anime projects.
No Winners announced yet.

Moreover, each course has a grand prize, runner-up, and honorable mention awards for proposals. Winners will have respective cash prizes of 1 million yen (about US$9,200), 500,000 yen (about US$4,600), and 300,000 yen (about US$2,700).

The Winners include:

Grand Prize:

B Course: “Donguri Tsūshin Rescue-tai Tanjō: Tenba Tenkū o Kakete Ike” (The Birth of the Acorn News Rescue Service: Let the Pegasus Fly Through the Sky)
Author: Masahiro Ōshima

President’s Special Prize:

A Course: “Pygmalion no Orange” (Pygmalion’s Orange)
Author: Reiji Shinmaru

Excellence Awards:

A Course: “Paint the Earth”
Author: Shiyo Nieda

A Course: “Ride on Lion”
Author: Ryūnosuke Furuya

B Course: “Ame Datte Saisai” (Even the Rain is Multi-colored)
Author: Ryūichi Amane

Honorable Mentions:

A Course: “Meteor Gatherer”
Author: Hiroshi Shinya

A Course: “Kurage no Hone” (A Jellyfish’s Bones)
Author: Kumiko Motoyama

Toei Animation launched the contest last year.

Toei Animation‘s original 1975-1982 Ikkyū-san television anime series is loosely inspired by Ikkyū Sōjun, a real-life Buddhist monk who lived in the 15th-century Japan. The story imagines Ikkyū’s childhood as a mischievous but clever monk-in-training at Ankokuji Temple.

Sources: ANN, Toei Animation‘s 100-Year Anime Project websiteAnime! Anime! Biz

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