Mangaka Comments! Weekly Shonen Jump Issue 38

Burn the Witch
Tite Kubo


Kubo, here. It’ll only be for a short time, but thanks for having me. Drawing manga for the first time in a while is fun!

Riichiro Inagaki

MM_Dr Stone Inagaki2

Otome-ryu has nothing to do with the word otome that means “young girl.” It’s about martial arts styles that are forbidden to be shown to outsiders.

Mashle: Magic and Muscles
Hajime Komoto

MM_Mashle Komoto

I recently fell and had to get stitches on my knee! Super owie!! Be more careful! Pon poooon!

Black Clover
Yūki Tabata

MM_Black Clover Tabata V2

Being in the same magazine as Kubo Sensei again is getting me all hyped! Better do my best!

Jujutsu Kaisen
Gege Akutami

MM_Gege Akutami Image1

Suddenly a weird smell from the kitchen! I totally forgot about the fish I grilled two days ago.

One Piece
Eiichiro Oda

MM_One Piece Eiichiro Oda P

I went to thank people involved with Tokyo One Piece Tower on it’s final day. I’m so grateful to Chairman Osato and all the staff of Amuse.

My Hero Academia
Kohei Horikoshi

MM_My Hero Kohei Horikoshi V2

My third funeral of the year so far. So sad.

Magu-chan: God of Destruction
Kei Kamiki 


My favorite Gotcha Borg is Beam Samurai. I love his extreme stats, but I especially like his name!

Hard-Boiled Cop and Dolphin
Ryuhei Tamura


Welcome home, Kubo Sensei! I’ve always wanted to read the continuation!

Chainsaw Man
Tatsuki Fujimoto

MM_Chainsaw Author22 V2

I made and ate my own parfait. I want to eat a parfait from a shop.

Ayakashi Triangle
Kentaro Yabuki


I had to use Kaio-ken times 20 to do the heroine poster, but it was really invigorating!

Tomohiro Hasegawa

mm_Mori King Hasegawa

I love walks in the summer. You know, the expanse of blue sky weighs so heavy on our backs.

Me & Roboco
Shuhei Miyazaki


The previous issue had a one-shot by my mentors, and I made such a stupid comment on this page. How embarrassing!

Mission: Yozakura Family
Hitsuji Gondaira

MM_Yozakura Gondaira V2

My printer hadn’t been working at all until I turned it on after a long break. An OS issue?

Undead Unluck
Yoshifumi Tozuka

MM_Undeadunluck Tozuka

I finally got the SD Gundam DVD box set I’ve always wanted, and I’m playing it nonstop while I work.

We Never Learn
Taishi Tsutsui


Congratulations to my first editor, Saito-san, for being promoted to deputy editor in chief.

Agravity Boys
Atsushi Nakamura

MM_Agravityboys Nakamura

I finally cut my hair! And on the way home, I found a wallet and delivered it to the police. I feel great in multiple ways!

Bone Collection
Jun Kirarazaka

mm_Bone Collection Kirarazaka

Frustration and regret! But I’ll level up and return someday. At least I was able to share a short moment in the same magazine as my idol Kubo Sensei.

Time Paradox Ghostwriter
Tsunehiro Date

mm_Time Paradox Date

Technology allows your childhood dreams to come true. Rakugaki AR is amazing!

Isshin 一心

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