KissAnime and KissManga Permanently taken down by Copyright Owners!

On August 15, 2020, the long-running anime and manga piracy websites KissAnime and KissManga started showing an error message to their visitors.

The message read,
“All files are taken down by Copyright owners. The site will be closed forever. Thank You for your support.”

Apparently, the authorities and copyright owners of various Anime, Manga titles took down KissAnime and KissManga‘s servers for illegally hosting and showing copyrighted material on their websites. This resulted in the permanent closure of said illegal websites.
Although some of its sub-domains still work like;, but they will probably close down soon as well.

Not going into Legal Vs Illegal but it is a fact that it’s only thanks to KissAnime and Kissmanga that anime and manga are so popular worldwide. It has provided free access for over a decade to countless anime/manga all over the world. At its peak, it received over a million hits/day on their websites.

Even today, the majority of the world can’t afford to pay for legal alternatives like Crunchyroll, Funimation, Viz, etc. so for them, piracy sites like Kissanime/Kissmanga are the only options to enjoy what they like.

A lot of fans who depended on KissAnime and KissManga for watching/reading their favourite anime/manga grieved on Twitter amid the site’s closure. While some tweeted, ‘RIP KissAnime’, others shared memes about going to other pirated websites.

Well memes aside, we really hope that the Japanese Anime and Manga industry comes up with a new plan to woo the fans to adapt to their legal services.

Source – Twitter, KissAnime, KissManga

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