Actors, Voice Actors in Japan Actors Union Poll: 30% Have Thought About Dying Due to Work

The Japan Actors Union released the results of a survey of its actor and voice actor members. Of the 166 respondents to a question of “Have you ever thought about wanting to die because of work?” on the survey, 48 answered “yes.” The union held the survey from September to October. The announcement on Friday was part of an interim report based on the survey.

The survey also asked about types of worries and anxieties members face on the job, and answers included subjects like working hours and harassment. A psychiatrist at the symposium where the union announced the results stated, “entertainers are constantly judged on social media services, and have diet and sleep restrictions, so it is easy to become stressed, and they do not have anyone to talk to about their worries, which can lead to thoughts of suicide.”

The Japan Actors Union has roughly 2,600 members. The union stated it wants to take measures such as setting up a service where actors and voice actors can discuss their mental health and concerns.

The Mainichi Shimbun newspaper’s English website posted an article on October 23 highlighting a report by the Japan Suicide Countermeasures Promotion Center, which claimed that news coverage of Miura’s suspected suicide likely “triggered individuals who had originally been distressed over their lives and employment amid the coronavirus pandemic to kill themselves.” Mainichi Shimbun also reported on July 21 about experts who stated some sensational articles in Japan did not conform to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) guidelines on responsible reporting for suicides after Miura’s death.

Source: NHK

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