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    Thanks to @Sandman and redon

    The chapter title is Oden’s Return.
    People called all the treasures Roger obtained thus far as ONE PIECE.

    source: 5ch

    Roger: “And they’ll surpass us!”
    Roger?: “We…were too early.”
    Rayleigh?: “You mean about One Piece…I do wonder who will find it.”
    Roger: “It’ll be my son.”
    Rayleigh: “You don’t have one.”
    Roger: (First part’s cut off. Either something along the lines of “I can make one!” or maybe “Once he’s born/if I had one he’d be able to do it!”)
    Crew: “Gyahahaha!”
    Roger: “All right! Let’s drink! Set a course for waters somewhere the navy doesn’t go!”
    Roger: “I’ll be the first to deboard!”
    Roger: “Next you’ll drop off Oden!”

    Oden as Narrator: “The world assigned a general term to refer to everything Roger had obtained, calling it, “One Piece.”
    Roger?: “I don’t know (how they came up with that name)! Wahahaha!”
    Roger?: “But thanks to that notoriety, everyone – (cut off)”

    Oden as Narrator: [assuming a panel isn’t missing] Akatarou (Shanks) parted with Roger, who had returned from Raftel, with a laugh, of course, since after all they were sure to meet again.”

    Oden: “Toki…!!”
    Toki: “It’s fine, Oden-san! My injuries have already healed!”
    Oden: “You were pierced by an arrow…!”
    Oden: “…!!”
    Oden: Our children…You did well protecting them! It must have been painful!”
    Toki: “Wait, Oden-san! If you get enraged just over something like this and do something, the backlash from the enemy will-”
    Oden: “Something like this!? Toki, you…You haven’t heard the “tales” about me, have you?”

    Orochi: “Wait! Oden-sa-…Oden! Think carefully! If you cut me down Kaidou won’t stay silent! Think about what will happen to this country!
    Oden: “I will once I’ve cut you down!”
    Orochi: That’s right! This guy’s crazy!

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