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    From shuhui:

    Chapter 949: Zombie

    • In order to stop Luffy and the others, the guards start shooting the Plague bullets made from viruses. Their target is not Luffy and his group, but all the prisoners.
    • If you got hit you’ll get a infectious disease and feel burning pain until you die. It’s a weapon created by Queen, its name is Zombie.
    • The guards command the infected prisoners to get close to Luffy’s group, they use them like biochemical weapon.
    • The prisoners protest in pain: “We wouldn’t be like this if you outsiders didn’t appear, it’s impossible for you guys can’t take down Kaidou, get out!”
    • Upon hearing this, Luffy touches them and yell: “this kind of thing have no effect at all!”
    • He continues: ” I promised Otama that I’ll save this country, to let everyone eat to their hearts content, we are here to defeat Kaidou! There’s no reason for us to get stopped by our comrades, you guys decide whether you want to follow Kaidou or follow us!”
      The prisoners were all moved by Luffy’s speech.
    • Babanuki saw that this is not going well for them and decided to take advantage of them talking and hurl a large amount of Plague bullets at them.
    • But it was put to a stop immediately by Luffy, who said because he saw a dangerous future.
      Then he turns to the prisoners and says ” now, it’s up to you guys!”
    • 8 days till the final battle—successfully dominated Udon without being noticed by the enemy headquarter.
    • Jump cover with Zoro, Sanji, Nami, Robin and “half Luffy” with Wano kuni clothing. Other half of the cover will be in the next Jump issue.
    • Summary Color Spread.
    • Full chapter takes place in Udon.
    • Luffy and Tama meet again
    • Color Spread is about straw hats inside swimming pool with big gorilla

    Jump Cover

    Jump Cover

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