‘ONE PIECE’ Commemorates ‘ONE PIECE Day’ in Japan

Since 2017, the Japan Anniversary Association has acknowledged July 22 as ONE PIECE Day”, commemorating the anniversary of the manga’s debut (although the manga actually launched on July 19, 1997, it was advertised as launching on July 22). This year, ONE PIECE is celebrating its special day with a new visual inspired by the Wano Kuni arc, with the characters wearing traditional Japanese-style clothing.

‘ONE PIECE’ Commemorates ‘ONE PIECE Day’
The visual is inspiring merchandise in Japan; Ichiban Kuji’s ONE PIECE Full Force” lineup will include figures based on the visual. The merchandise lottery will commence from August 5. The Japanese keyboard and emoji app Simeji is allowing users to freely download three skins based on the visual.

One Piece‘s official YouTube channel streamed a special program, celebrating the series’ 23rd anniversary. Luffy‘s seiyuu (voice actress) Tanaka Mayumi and Usopp‘s seiyuu (voice actor) Yamaguchi Kappei also participated in the stream alongside the three editors of ONE PIECE, Ken Takano, Iwasaki Takeshi, and Naito.

The series has also launched a social media campaign, starting several hashtags, including #ONEPIECEで、つながろう! (Let’s Connect through One Piece) and #アフレコワンピース (Voice Recording One Piece). The former hashtag encourages users to post images, cosplay, and any other form of expression. The latter hashtag encourages fans in Japan to record themselves voicing the lines in four sample videos, available to download through the project’s website. LINE app will sell stamps based on the Wano Kuni arc from July 28.

Sources: The Mainichi Shimbun’s Mantan-Web, OnePiece.Com, Simeji’s official website

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