Manga Event MAGIC2020’s Winner’s work is published in the Shonen Jump+

The Grand Prix-winning work of the international manga event “MAGIC2020” was announced on June 9th.
The grand prize winner manga “Dreamers” by a 25-year-old French manga artist Charles Compain has been published in the “Shonen Jump+” website and mobile app.

"Dreamers" by Charles Compain
MAGIC2020 Winner Manga “Dreamers” by Charles Compain

♦ “Dreamers” Synopsis

A dream notebook where you can freely control your dreams and invite people who want them. With that ability, children with certain commonalities are allowed to participate in a battle royal that happens in dreams and win prize money…!!

The runner up, work “Truffle Pig” by Kine Guiot will be published on June 10 on the Shonen Jump+ website and app.

"Truffle Pig" by Kine Guiot
“Truffle Pig” by Kine Guiot

“MAGIC” is an entertainment event for manga, anime, and games that Shibuya Productions has been hosting since 2015, and the editorial department of “Shonen Jump+” has cooperated in the manga contest held in the event.

The implementation of “MAGIC” had been postponed this year due to the spread of new coronavirus infectious diseases. The final judge of the manga contest was Fujimaki Tadatoshi, who is known for his sports manga “Kuroko no Basuke” which was serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump from December 2008 to September 2014. One work each was selected for the grand prize and the semi-winning prize.

Regarding the grand prize “Dreamers”, Fujimaki-san said, “The visuals of the world of dreams and the production of the screen had a good taste. The lines are awkward, but I think that the facial expressions of the characters are also attractive. The rules of the dream world are confusingly explained in the conversation, so the story and the emotions and purposes of the protagonists don’t come to my mind quickly.”

For example, if you can understand how much money you can make by rules and the risks, so that you have money when you actually wake up from a dream, the protagonists will fight desperately, I would like to be convinced. I would like you to be conscious of communicating in an easy-to-understand manner in order to make the most of the good worldview you have made.” advised Fujimaki-san.

The author of winning manga, Charles Compain also commented saying,
” My favorite manga is “Yu-Gi-Oh”, “BLEACH”, etc. I believe the manga was just right to convey my ideas, but I always thought that I could not be a manga artist because I am French. I am very honored to have won the grand prize of the most important contest for me. Originally, I was just a science student and decided to draw manga at the age of 22… It is a good proof that we have decided to make this manga available to everyone. We are grateful to everyone who read and support “Dreamers”! “

As a side prize, a stay in Japan for manga training and an exchange with the judge, Tadatoshi Fujimaki, are also planned.

Source: Oricon News

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