Weekly Comments from Authors in the Weekly Shonen Jump Issue 24. Time Paradox Ghostwriter Kenji Ichima – Nice to meet you! I’ll work hard so that you all have something to look forward to every week! Tsunehiro Date – The person most looking forward to this manga…is me. Let’s enjoy […]

Earlier today, Kohei Horikoshi-sensei, the creator of the popular shonen manga, Boku no Hero Academia shared a sketch featuring Yaoyorozu  Momo and Jirō Kyōka. ファンタスティック八百万とフレッドペリー耳郎です pic.twitter.com/XNXVcw988q — 堀越耕平 (@horikoshiko) May 5, 2020 Yaoyorozu Momo (八百万やおよろず百もも ), also known as the Everything Hero: Creati (万物ヒーロー クリエイティ), is the Vice President of […]

As you probably know, Due to the Corona Virus situation, Japan has declared a ‘State of Emergency’ in the country till May 31, 2020. Because of this, most of the organizations have stopped or slowed down their work. Many animation studios have stopped recording for new episodes and many publishing […]

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