On Thursday, Sept 3, Kingdom mangaka Hara Yasuhisa released a statement on his Twitter account, confirming that he divorced in March and admitted to adultery. お騒がせしてしまい、申し訳ありません。 pic.twitter.com/oAxbLZGbEw — 原泰久 (@HaraYassa) September 3, 2020 His full statement is translated below: I extend my deepest apologies to the readers and those around me […]

The Kawakita Memorial Film Institute named Studio Ghibli co-founder and anime director Hayao Miyazaki as the recipient of the 38th annual Kawakita Award on August 26. Named for the late film producer Nagamasa Kawakita, his wife Kashiko, and daughter Tawako, the award is given to individuals whose body of work contributed greatly to developing […]

On Monday, Aug 24, Usazaki Shiro, the artist for the act-age manga, issues a statement on her Twitter account regarding the arrest of the manga’s writer Tatsuya Matsuki, and the manga’s subsequent cancellation. Usazaki first expressed their sympathies for the victims, who Usazaki said “bravely spoke up about the incident despite their […]

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