The teen girl magazine Seventeen featured Kimetsu no Yaiba on the cover of its November issue. The magazine gives fashion tips based on the aesthetics of the popular shonen manga, and even a diet based on “Full Concentration Breathing.” 福岡本社の女子スタッフがセブンティーンを買ってたので中身を見せてもらったけど、想像の遥か斜め上をいく内容で驚愕した。 こ、こんなことになってたのか。 つかこれを高校生が読むの?#鬼滅の刃 — 松山洋@チェイサーゲーム (@PIROSHI_CC2) October 22, 2020 The […]

Avex Pictures opened an official website for the Chikyuugai Shounen Shoujo (Extraterrestrial Boys and Girls) original sci-fi anime, revealing a teaser visual and early Spring 2022 debut. Synopsis In the year 2045, Internet and artificial intelligence have become widespread in outer space. Following a massive accident at a space station, […]

Streaming platform Netflix announced new anime series for its Anime Lineup for 2021. Thermae Romae Novae A new anime series based on Mari Yamazaki’s Thermae Romae manga will debut on Netflix in 2021. The new anime, titled Thermae Romae Novae, is being produced by animation studio NAZ (Id:Invaded, Hamatora The […]

In Newtype‘s November 2020 issue, Shingeki no Kyojin producers Tateishi Kensuke, Maeda Toshihiro, and Kinoshita Tetsuya addressed the reason behind the staff change from Wit Studio to MAPPA for Shingeki no Kyojin The Final Season.  Tateishi: “While season 3 was in production, we consulted with Wit Studio, and it was decided that The Final Season would be created by […]