One Piece Episode 867!! – Flampe strikes Luffy!!

" Lurking in the Darkness! An Assassin Targeting Luffy!! is the 867th episode of the anime which is based on the One Piece manga made by Eiichiro Oda.
As this is the first episode of 2019, Toei animation has added a new intro. This is how it looks:

The episode starts with Charlotte Flampe,observing Luffy and Katakuri’s fight from the shadows.
She is the 36th daughter and 77th child of the Charlotte Family. She is also a member of the Big Mom Pirates, and Totto Land’s Minister of Honey (はちみつ大臣 Hachimitsu Daijin), governing over Rokumitsu Island.
She is also the captain of the Katakuri Fan Club and the leader of the Special Forces.

Luffy is slowly improving his Kenbunshoku no Haki and is able to dodge some of Katakuri’s attacks. Katakuri mentions that Luffy’s Kenbunshoku no Haki is getting as good as his’.
In the midst of their fight, Flampe hits Luffy with her silent needle which made Luffy loose his balance.

Katakuri being afraid of Luffy’s awakening Kenbunshoku no Haki, attacked Luffy with “Mochi Thrust".
Luffy not being able to balance himself, slipped and couldn’t dodge Katakuri’s attack. He got severely injured because of that.
Meanwhile Smoothie’s fleet is chasing Thousand Sunny, which carries the rest of the Straw hats.
Charlotte Citron-15th Daughter and Charlotte Cinnamon-16th Daughter are also on board Smoothie’s Ship.

Straw hats are heading to Cacao Island which will take 3 more hours to arrive. They fear that Cacao Island will be surrounded with Big Mom Pirates fleets. Sanji has a plan to save Luffy!!

Daifuku is waiting with a army on Cacao Island  for Luffy to come out of the giant mirror.

Katakuri is fiercely attacking Luffy continuously. He is also unaware that Luffy got hit by Flampe’s needle.
You can watch the full fight of Katakuri Vs Luffy of Episode 867 here:

Luffy’s Kenbunshoku no Haki has certainly reached that of Katakuri’s level. He was able to dodge another attack Flampe.

In the next episode Katakuri Vs Luffy Battle enters into the final stage. Katakuri will injure himself and remove his scarf. The most amazing duel in the One Piece history nears its end.
The Duel is one of the most sacred and respected thing among pirates,fighters etc and one should not mess with them. Flampe learns this lesson well.
Here is the Preview of Episode 868:

You can watch the FULL EPISODE 867 HERE

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