TV anime “EX-ARM EXARM” set to broadcast from July has been delayed

TV anime “EX-ARM", based on the science fiction manga written by Shinya Komi and created by HiRock, will postpone the scheduled broadcast from July. It was postponed due to the spread of the novel Corona virus.
Broadcasting is scheduled for this autumn (2020), and will be announced on the official website as soon as it is decided.

The production committee commented, “We will continue to make productions so that we can deliver even better works while considering the safety of the staff and cast, so we look forward to your continued support."

“EX-ARM" depicts the battle between criminal organizations and police over the paranormal weapon EX-ARM in Tokyo in 2030.

The manga’s crime battle story centers on high school student Akira Natsume. Only his brain is saved when he is involved in a traffic accident, and it later becomes part of an advanced weapon. Akira cooperates with the police’s EX-ARM countermeasure division in order to regain his lost memories and body.

Komi launched the manga with HiRock’s story in Shueisha‘s Grand Jump magazine in February 2015 as a remake of his earlier EX-VITA manga. The series moved to the Shonen Jump+ website and app in December 2017 and ended last June.

Komi launched EX-ARM Another Code, a manga adaptation of Atarō Kumo’s EX-ARM the Novel spinoff, in Shueisha‘s Ultra Jump magazine on February 19. Komi and HiRock launched the EX-ARM EXA manga in Shueisha‘s Grand Jump Mucha magazine last August.

Sources: EX-ARM anime’s websiteMantan-Web

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