Shokugeki no Souma reveals Souma’s Super-Human Ability!!

If you are up to date with the most famous foodgasm manga, you must know THE BLUE is ongoing right now.
In the pevious Chapter 294 we saw Souma prepare a Mid Summer Christmas Cake Buche de Noel to rival Sarge’s cake.
In Chapter 295, Souma shows the fireworks of his dish. The ball explodes and countless tiny grains sprinkle down onto the Christmas Cake. The cream dribbles out of the firework and flows all over the surface of Buche de Noel.
The young female judge has a mind blowing foodgasm after taking a bite of the new Buche de Noel.

Sarge can’t take it after Judges points out the thought work put by Souma into making the Cake. Sarge asks Souma what is his Super-Human Ability.
Souma goofily says that he doesn’t have any. He also says that if he has to say something then he would say a Diner’s Wisdom.

Souma’s father Joichiro explains that Souma’s whole life had involved crazy levels of work in their Diner ‘Yukihira’.
Joichiro confidently says that Souma won’t loose to the Dark Side with all the skills and wisdom he has gained in ‘Yukihira’. He also believes that theie ‘Yukihira’ is a First-Class Diner.

Souma then gives Sarge the Cake to try it. After just one bite, Sarge couldn’t control herself and has an awesome foodgasm.

The Victor of this battle is Yukihira Souma.

At the end, Souma says that He can’t afford to loose until he gets his revenge on Saiba Asahi.
Sarge tells him that he will never be able to defeat Saiba Asahi because of his knife.
This certainly is a confusing. What does that mean?

Elsewhere in a different Arena, Saiba Asahi Vs Tsuka Eishi has started. The match between former first seat and the King of the Noirs.
Asahi’s true powers will come forth in this match.

If you ask for my opinion, I think Tsukusa is going to loose this match.

Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma (Japanese: 食戟のソーマ) is a Japanese shōnen manga series written by Yūto Tsukuda and illustrated by Shun Saeki. Yuki Morisaki also works as a Contributor, providing the recipes for the series. Individual chapters have been serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump since November 26, 2012, with tankōbon volumes being released by Shueisha. As of May 2018, 29 volumes have been released in Japan.

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