Re:ZERO TV Anime’s 2nd Season Reveals PV, Additional Cast, Premieres July 8

On June 11, the official website for the Re: ZERO -Starting Life in Another World TV anime revealed a new PV, additional cast, and a key visual for the second season. The first cour of the Second season of  Re: ZERO -Starting Life in Another World anime is set to Premiere on July 8, 2020, and the second cour of the second season will premiere in Japan in January 2021 on AT-X, TOKYO MX, BS11, and other channels.

The key visual of the TV animation

The opening theme song for the second season is “Realize” by Konomi Suzuki and the ending theme song is “Memento” by nonoc.

The anime’s second season was delayed from April to July. The staff explained that “the global issues of the COVID-19 coronavirus illness have had a big effect on the production” of the show.

♦ PV

New Addition to Cast are:

Nobuhiko Okamoto as Garfiel Tinsel
Aimi Tanaka as Ryuzu Birma
Maaya Sakamoto as Echidna

♦ Broadcast information

  • AT-X: From July 8, 2020 every Wednesday 22:30-
  • TOKYO MX: From July 8 2020, every Wednesday 23:30-
  • TV Hokkaido: From July 9, 2020, every Thursday 26:00-
  • KHB East Japan Broadcasting: From July 9, 2020 every Thursday 25:31-
  • TV Aichi: From July 9, 2020 every Thursday 26:05-
  • KBS Kyoto: From July 10, 2020 every Friday 25:00-
  • Sun TV : From 9th July 2020 every Thursday 25:00~
  • TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting: From 10th July 2020 every Friday 26:58~
  • BS11: From 8th July 2020 every Wednesday 25:00~

♦ Delivery information

  • ABEMA: Every Wednesday from July 8, 2020 23:00-
  • d Anime store: Every Wednesday from 8th
  • July 2020 23:00-Scheduled to be distributed sequentially from 13th July 2020 23:00-at other sites

♦ Staff

  • Original: Tappei Nagatsuki (MF Bunko J “Re: Life in a different world starting from zero”/KADOKAWA)
  • Character draft: Shinichiro Otsuka
  • Director: Politics Watanabe
  • Series composition: Masahiro Yokotani
  • Character design and general director: Kuta Sakai
  • Monster design: Tatsuya Koyanagi
  • Action supervision: Kazuhiro Ota
  • Prop design: Noritaka Suzuki, Goichi Iwahata
  • Design Works: Chie Kato, Shigeyuki Korezawa Sawa, Tomu, Yuusuke Sakai
  • Art setting: Kaoru Aoki (Mimine)
  • Art director: Yoshito Takamine (Mimine)
  • Color design: Sakamoto
  • Director Izumi : Kentaro Minegishi (T2studio)
  • 3D Director: Yu Karube (T2studio)
  • Editor: Hitomi Sudo (REAL-T)
  • Sound Director: Hitoshi Aketagawa
  • Sound Effect: Yuji Furuya (Swara Pro)
  • Music: Kenichiro Suehiro
  • Music Production: KADOKAWA
  • Animation production: WHITE FOX
  • Production: Re: Life in a different world starting from zero 2 Production Committee

♦ Cast

  • Natsuki Subaru: Yusuke Kobayashi
  • Emilia: Rie Takahashi
  • pack: Yumi Uchiyama
  • Rem: water to pray
  • Ram: Rie Murakawa
  • Beatrice: Satomi Arai
  • Roswald · L · Mathers: Takehito Koyasu
  • Guarding Feel Tenzeru: Nobuhiko Okamoto
  • Otto Suwen: Tensaki Kouhei
  • Frederica Baumann: Kaori Natsuka
  • Petra Leyte: Marika Takano
  • Crown Burmese: Aimi Tanaka
  • Elsa Granhilte: Mamiko Noto
  • Echidna: Maaya Sakamoto

Sources: Re: ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- anime’s websiteComic Natalie

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