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One Piece STAMPEDE Trailer 2 is released!! Watch it first if you haven't yet.

The movie is specially made for the 20th anniversary of the anime. The Concept, Plot, Characters, etc are made by Eiichiro Oda but the actual writer appears to be someone else working on the movie.

Apparently Eiichiro Oda is the Creative Supervisor of the Movie.



Synopsis of the Movie:
The movie takes place during the Pirate Expo, “made by Pirates, for Pirates”, where Pirates all over the world gather for a Big Treasure Hunt to find a lost treasure. The lost treasure in the movie belongs to Gol D. Roger (it's probably not the 'One Piece').


A new Character is added in the movie which appears to be a canon character. He is a former member of the Roger Pirates and also the antagonist of the movie.


He is introduced as “Demon Heir” Douglas Bullet!! It seems that he can use Haoshoku (Conqueror's) Haki too.


Also it looks like Douglas Bullet joins the Treasure Hunt midway.

The Secondary Antagonist is Buena Festa! He is introduced as 'The War Instigator and Master of Festivities'.
Seems like he is the organizer of the Pirate Expo.




The Movie is going to be grand since there is a news that top notch Pirates, Marines, Warlords and the Revolutionary Army are going to appear in the movie.

The story is set in a non-canon setting where all the Straw hats are together.
Judging by Luffy and Sanji's Wanted Posters, It looks like it is timed just after the Whole Cake Island Arc but before Wano.

The Character designs of the Straw hats were released few weeks back but now we have the colour versions.


Sanji's New Bounty Poster is also shown. Apparently it seems like Zoro didn't get a bounty raise after all.


Notice Nami looks like a tangerine in this outfit. Orange clothes are resembling a tangerine and green ribbon is resembling the leaves on it.


Apart from the Strawhats, the following Characters are also added in the movie.

Trafalgar Law: 082111h12ff3zshyfygydf

It is not known If Law is alone in the movie or with his whole Crew. Though I wish we get to see his Crew. Law's outfit is pretty similar to what he usually wears.

Smoker and Tashigi:

Wait… Did you notice that?? Smoker and Tashigi are in Pirates' Outift…
The most acceptable explanation could be that they disguised themselves as Pirates and invaded the Pirate Expo in order to catch the Straw hats.

Buggy's Pirate Crew

Our Lord Buggy is also going to be in the movie, I guess he got the privilege since he is Oda's favourite character.
Along with Buggy we can see Mr.3, Alvida, Cabaji, Mohji and Richie.

Various art designs have also been shown in the trailer:


In here we can see Gol D. Roger's Execution Scaffold, Jolly Roger of Red Hair Pirates and Sun Pirates, some Ship models, An Island inside the bubble and some other vague things.

There are many new landscapes and locations shown in the movie:


The Treasure Ship lies inside a bubble.

Luffy's Battle Scenes:


There is also a separate Logo for the Pirate Expo:



One Piece STAMPEDE will be coming out on August 9th 2019 in Japan.

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