Luffy and Zoro finally Reunites in ‘One Piece’ Ep 897!

Monkey D. Luffy, the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates was away from half of his crew for the last 120 episodes.
They were last seen together in Episode 776 and exactly after 120 episodes, Luffy and Zoro have been reunited in episode 897.

After seeing Zoro, Luffy rushed towards him and gave him a ‘Sabo’ style hug.
They were both overjoyed to see each other, it shows their brotherly bond which is different from the rest of the crew.
Despite being the Captain and Vice-Captain they share a strong bond after all Zoro has known Luffy longer than anyone else in the crew.

Other highlights from the ‘One Piece’ episode 897 are mentioned below:

So Apparently King’s wings are ‘Black’ in colour now!
Since it only got revealed in last week’s chapter that King is from a different race maybe that’s why they used ‘White’ colour previously!

Even ‘Nidai Kitetsu’ has an epic intro.
Luffy’s sense has gotten sharper since WCI and his fight with Katakuri.
He was able to sense Kitetsu’s intensity just like Zoro!

Ace and Tama’s flashback made me teary-eyed again!
Tama’s motivation for becoming a bewitching Kunoichi is Ace.
She wanted to go on an Adventure with Ace.
This reminds me of Luffy and Shanks’ promise.
Now Luffy will fulfill the Promise on Ace’s behalf.

They also extended Zoro’s fight scene in the anime which was absent in the manga.

At the end of the episode, Basil Hawkins appears on the scene!
I like how Luffy also gets ready to draw his sword just like a Samurai!
~ Next episode Luffy & Zoro Vs Hawkins will be going down!

One Piece Ep 898: “Headliner! The Magician Basil Hawkins Enters the Scene!
will be airing on 18th August 2019.
The fight will mostly focus on Zoro’s power reveal.

#ONEPIECESTAMPEDE’s new promotional teaser highlighting Bullet Vs the 7 fighters!

ONE PIECE Upcoming Episode Titles:
898: “Headliner! The Magician Basil Hawkins Enters the Scene!
899: “Confirmed Defeat! The Assault of the Strawman!"
900: “The Greatest Day! O-Tama’s First Oshiruko!"
901: “Entering Enemy Territory! The Protagonists Spread into the Town of Bakura!"

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