Luffy vs Katakuri Fight has entered it’s Final Stage!!

One Piece’s Whole Cake Island arc has almost reached its climax, as the most epic duel of One Piece so far is entering it’s final stage.
Katakuri Vs Luffy, the longest duel of One Piece history which started from Episode 852 “A Hard Battle Starts! Luffy vs. Katakuri!" which aired on Sept. 2, 2018 is still ongoing after 4 months.
Yesterday Episode 867 “Lurking in the Darkness! An Assassin Targeting Luffy!" of the anime was aired on Fuji TV.
The Episode showed how Luffy’s Kenbunshoku (Observation) Haki has evolved during the fight. Luffy’s Kenbunshoku no Haki has almost reached that of Katakuri’s level.
But due to Flampe’s intervention in their duel, Luffy got heavily injured.


Meanwhile Sanji and rest of the Straw hats are headed towards Cacao Island where Daifuku is waiting with a Army for Luffy to come out of the mirror. Apparently Sanji seems to have a plan to save Luffy!!

At the end of the episode, Katakuri had noticed Flampe.

Episode 868 of the series is titled, “One Man’s Determination! Katakuri’s Deadly Big Fight!"
The preview for the episode teases Katakuri’s new way of fighting where he takes off his scarf and jacket.

After finding out that Luffy has been attacked by Flampe from the sidelines, Katakuri’s anger will burst out on Flampe. He will injure himself with his trident to compensate for Luffy’s injury and he will also take off his mask and reveal his face to Flampe.

Katakuri is like no other Pirate from Big Mom Pirates. To him his Pride as a fighter is worth more than his position as the strongest commander or his secret.
Specially when no other fighter has challenged him like Luffy has, and it seems that now he is willing to go all out to face Luffy.
This is what a duel between men means. One should never mess with a man’s duel.

Eagerly waiting for the Episode 868!!! Watch the Preview here:

You can watch the FULL EPISODE 867 HERE

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