Fushigi Yuugi, A Shojo Manga that keeps on mesmerizing generations of Dreamy Girls!

If you are born after 2000s you have probably never heard about Fushigi Yuugi: The Mysterious Play
If you are a young girl and into Shojo, then you should definitely experience one of the best Shojo manga of the 90s. Fushigi Yuugi is all about a teen girl and her adventures in a mystery world.

Every girl’s dream is to find her Prince Charming . That’s exactly what Miaka, a totally normal high schooler did, but the thing is he’s a character in a book!!
A book as Mysterious as all its characters, a totally different universe in which she found herself immersed in a quest to save it.

Miaka Yuki is a clumsy, plain looking girl who aspires as much as any young maiden of her age. She’s your typical High school student who just wants to succeed in her studies and get a Boyfriend; the only problem is that she’s too lazy and too clumsy to do anything right. Her best friend Yui is her total opposite she’s a top student with killer looks and a cold personality, and yet they are as close as sisters.They both want to get into Jounen Academy but Miaka is too far behind concerning her academic accomplishments.

One day while our Antagonist accompanies her best friend to the Library she comes across a red pheonix which leads her to an Ancient book “The Writings of the Four Gods “ and right after starting to read the first pages they get sucked into the magical universe of the book. Miaka and Yui awake in an ancient era where they stood out because of their outfits, but in a matter of minutes Miaka’s whole world falls apart . Yui disappeared right after a young man saves them from Human traffickers, so she engages in a quest to find her best friend who actually was returned to their world. She meets the Emperor of that odd country she found herself in and discovers that she has the duty to save his people by becoming the long awaited “Suzaku Priestess ” and to find the 7 protectors who would help and protect her on her breath taking adventure.

For the sole purpose of going back home and finding her lost friend, she accepts the task not knowing the dangers and weary situations she’s throwing herself into.The priestess discovers on her journey an unconditional love with one of her 7 protectors Tama Home, a love which vanquished all the dangers and hardships that crossed her path. She also learns about the darkest parts of a human heart after loosing her best friend who became her rival and enemy ”The Syriu Priestess”.

The Anime is a Shoujo of 52 thrilling episodes and 3 after story OVAs. It is full of romance , adventure, action and a great dose of hilarious scenes. The Imagery is not as captivating as it should be because the Anime was diffused in 1994 but the storyline makes it worth it, each episode is more exciting than the last. You could never go wrong with Fushigi Yuugi.

Fushigi Yūgi (ふしぎ遊戯), also known as Fushigi Yûgi: The Mysterious Play or Curious Play, is a Japanese shōjo manga series written and illustrated by Yuu Watase. Shogakukan published Fushigi Yûgi in Shōjo Comic in its original serialized form from May 1992 through June 1996. Viz Media released the manga series in English in North America starting in 1999. Studio Pierrot adapted the series into a 52-episode anime series. The show originally aired from April 6, 1995 through March 28, 1996 on the anime satellite channel Animax and on the regular cable channel TV Tokyo.


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