Black Clover Episode 65 – Witch Queen tells about Asta’s swords and the Elves!!

Episode 65 of one of the most popular anime Black Clover released few hours ago. It is titled " I’m Home". This episode was also the last episode of Witches’ Island Arc.
As expected due to it being the first episode of 2019, it features a new opening and a new ending!!
Compare to the previous opening, this one doesn’t pack that much of a punch but it is still good.
The new opening introduces many new faces which we will be seeing soon in the next arc. It also gives glimpses of the upcoming battles which are going to happen in the upcoming arcs.

The Episode starts with the Queen realizing that she is utterly defeated by Vanessa’s powers.
The Queen then heals everyone on the Island with her Blood Recovery Magic: Curse-Breaking Blood-filled Cocoon, which is insanely powerful.

The most interesting thing is that Queen seems know something about the bird, Nero. Now you must have already read tons of theories which talks about how Nero is connected to the Demon and stuff. Seems like those theories might come true.
The Queen was using the Magic Stone as an earring, She gives it to Asta as it was of no use to her. She mentions that the Magic Stone heightens the wearer’s powers but only the elves can use its true power. She also mentions that elves had great magical power and most of them were as strong as her. Which means Elves are crazy ass strong.

She also mentions that Elves lived in Forsaken Realm many centuries ago. The Queen goes on to describe the Ancient Demon as a top-level forbidden spell activated by the leader of the Elf Clan. Moreover she also tells Asta that his two swords are the ruined remains of the swords used by the Elves’ leader.

We all know who it is… Don’t you remember Licht, the Leader of the Eye of the Midnight Sun claiming the swords to be his’. Yup those are his swords alright!! He is the Leader of the Elves!!

The anime also added a new ending from this episode, the ending features two new characters who are going to play a important role in the upcoming arcs. Wanna know their names???

Now I have already read the manga so I know everything that’s gonna happen but I don’t want to spoil you guys.
For those who are really interested can Read the Manga for themselves. I assure you, you won’t regret reading Black Clover’s Manga.

Petit Clover from this episode:

Preview of Episode 66:

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