‘Black Clover’ Anime Introduces New 9th Opening & Ending

One of the most famous current Shonen Anime ‘Black Clover’ introduced it’s 9th Opening & Ending in Episode 103 on 1st October 2019.

The Opening song is called ‘RiGHT NOW’ which is the ninth opening theme of the Black Clover anime. It is performed by EMPiRE.

EMPiRE are an idol group formed in August 2017 as a collaboration between WACK and Japanese record label Avex. Their fans are officially called “DROiDS".

Their song ‘RiGHT NOW’ was officially released om 14th September 2019.

As usual, there is also a new Ending theme along with the new Opening.

The Ending theme is called Jinsei wa Senjō da 「人生は戦場だ」 . It is the ninth ending theme of the Black Clover anime and is performed by Kalen Anzai.

Popular Twitter user @AshitanoGin says
" It’s nice to see Tatsuhiro Ariyoshi being given more work in Black Clover. He went viral some months ago asking for work in the industry, and Yoshihara heard his call. Now he got to direct and animate the new Black Clover ending in his idiosyncratic style."

The Official video of this song was released on 30th September 2019.


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