‘Black Clover’ Anime Introduces Crimson Lions New Captain Mereoleona Vermillion!!

Episode 70 of one of the most popular anime Black Clover released on 12th Feb 2019. It is titled “Two new stars".
The episode covered Chapter 105, 106 and 107 of the Black Clover manga.

The Episode starts with the Wizard King introducing two new Magic Knight Captains Mereoleona Vermillion and Kaiser Granvorka along with the rest of the Captains. Though unfortunately Yami and Charlotte couldn’t make it there.

The Wizard King then announced the rankings of the Magic Knight Squads starting from the first rank.
As expected The Golden Dawn ranked 1st with the most number of stars.
But to everyone’s surprise, Black Bulls came in second place with 101 stars.
Before Asta joined Black Bulls, they had -31 stars and now they earned 101 stars making it a total of 132 stars which clearly surpasses the 125 stars of The Golden Dawn. So in a way, Black Bulls ranked 1st.

The complete ranking is like this.

Rank Magic Knights Squad Stars
1 Golden Dawn 125
2 Black Bulls 101
3 Silver Eagles 95
4 Blue Rose Knights 83
5 Crimson Lion Kings 76
6 Green Praying Mantises 69
7 Coral Peacocks 67
8 Purple Orcas 51
9 Azure Deer 49

Soon after the King of Clover Kingdom, Augustus Kira Clover XIII makes an appearance. He spouts some nonsense at first but then makes an announcement of the formation of the new Royal Knights. The new Royal Knights will be the best Magic Knights handpicked after a tournament. Their purpose is to defeat the ‘Eye of the Midnight Sun’!!

At the end of the episode, Asta and Yuno stumbles upon the new Captain of the Crimson Lion Kings, Mereoleona Vermillion. She is the elder sister of Fuegoleon and Leopold and she is stronger than Fugeoleon.

Fun fact: She is the second strongest in Clover Kingdom after the Wizard King.
Won’t spoil more, Read the Manga if you are interested. I assure you that you won’t regret reading the manga.

Black Clover (Japanese: ブラッククローバー Hepburn: Burakku Kurōbā) is a Japanese fantasy shōnen manga series written and illustrated by Yūki Tabata. The series is has been published in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine in Japan since February 16, 2015, and Viz Media is publishing it in their Weekly Shonen Jump digital anthology magazine in the United States. The story centers around a young boy named Asta, seemingly born without any magic power, something that is unknown in the world he lives in. With his ambition, newfound abilities, and friends, he aims to be the Wizard King.

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